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Now there are more and more manufacturers operating floor bearing plates, and the market is becoming increasingly fierce. The customer wants to buy floor bearing plates with high quality and low price, but how can the customer choose a suitable floor bearing plate manufacturer from these manufacturers? Now let's talk about Jinan floor bearing plate.
1: It is necessary to specify the negative difference of thickness, which should be included in the contract. Many manufacturers of steel bar truss floor bearing plates quote absurdly low prices. When we repeatedly calculate the cost, we learned that there are manufacturers in the market who use 0.8 steel bar truss floor bearing plates to replace 1.0 steel bar truss floor bearing plates.
2: If you want to find a good manufacturer to identify the galvanizing manufacturer, the size of the galvanizing coil manufacturers in the market is different, and the product quality and thickness of each manufacturer are also different. So it's wise to choose a big manufacturer.
3: Ensure that the color and design of the same batch are consistent. In many cases, the galvanized coils of different steel bar truss floor support plate manufacturers may not be consistent in color and design. Long time storage and surface treatment methods will lead to color differences on the surface. After all, if the color is different, it is still ugly.


4: Nowadays, many companies claim to be manufacturers, but they don't even have machines at all. If you go to some manufacturers that have machines when it comes to orders, then as middlemen, you will naturally get some price difference, and this may not guarantee the quality. It is still necessary to check the scale of the manufacturer, the condition of the workshop, the cleanliness of the workshop, and the smooth operation of the workshop!
5: The main thing is not to believe the excessive low price. If there is only a difference of one or two yuan, it is normal. If there is a big difference, then the quality of the steel truss floor support plate is too worrying. The raw material of the floor support plate is galvanized steel plate, and the steel market is there. The price must be proportional to the domestic steel price. Do not use low prices of floor bearing plate manufacturers to buy excellent goods. It is quite reasonable to pay every price for every product.
Of course, before we buy this product, we must make a full investigation and understand it, and master certain identification skills, so that we can select products with good quality and avoid being deceived by relevant personnel. Come to our website for more information Consult!