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Profile steel has been widely used in steel structures. Due to the characteristics of high-frequency welding profile steel, it has some advantages when connecting with other components, and the process is relatively time-saving and labor-saving. Let's talk about the size deviation that Jinan profile steel production cares about.
The production of any steel structure material can not avoid the problem of sample size deviation. All manufacturers naturally attach great importance to this problem and strive to reduce the size deviation continuously, because the size deviation will lead to the decline of the use value of the sample steel. Then, the deviation problem is mostly caused by the difference between control and process. In the sample steel, it is mainly manifested in the uneven thickness of the flange.
The inconsistency of the roll gap specifications leads to the difference between the measured value of the profiled steel and the target value. When adjusting the roll gap, it is necessary to compensate for a certain thickness, so that the size deviation can be compensated through the offset screen, and the processing can be stable after correcting the error as much as possible;
In addition, by changing the set rolling size and setting a predetermined amount, the deviation of the roll itself in the processing process just makes up for this error, so as to achieve the effect of stabilizing the thickness and size of the profile steel.
During the operation of relevant size adjustment, attention should be paid to appropriate methods. During the processing of some materials, special size adjustment is required to adapt to the operation rules and characteristics of the production line.
It is worth noting that, like other components, improper operation will lead to imbalance. In order to avoid this situation, it is necessary to find out the reasons and propose solutions.
That's all for the analysis of dimensional deviation in profile steel production. I hope it can help your use. For more precautions, you can come to our website Consult and understand.