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The place where color steel tiles are often used is the roof of our building. What are the waterproof measures for color steel tiles? Now let's take a look at the related content of Jinan color steel tile waterproof through the following content.
The color steel tile waterproof shall fully consider the climate characteristics of the area where the building is located, and use waterproof measures and materials suitable for the area.
The proper structural design of color steel tile waterproof should comprehensively consider the cost, roof slope, plate type and other factors to find a good scheme.
When repairing the water leakage of the color steel tile waterproof, the seamless waterproof system formed by applying the weather resistant acrylic high elastic crack resistant waterproof coating and special sewn polyester cloth for many times can be used at all joints of the roof, around the fan pipes, lighting panels, screws and other vulnerable parts. For the reconstruction of the old factory or the decoration of the old roof, Then spray two layers of acrylic high elastic anti crack waterproof coating on the whole roof.
Due to the material characteristics of the metal roof panel and the foreign advanced experience, the waterproof material suitable for the metal roof should be selected; Such as high bonding strength and good follow-up.
Color steel tile waterproof: the waterproof layer is cracked due to thermal expansion and cold contraction of color steel tile. After the color steel tile is completely covered, the service life of color steel tile is greatly prolonged. If the color steel tile is directly exposed to the air, the metal inside the color steel tile will corrode quickly after the paint falls off. After a few years, the color steel tiles need to be replaced, which costs more.
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