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Rock wool board for external wall insulation, as an inorganic rock wool material for external wall insulation that has reached fire rating A, has been widely used. Today I'd like to introduce the preparations and conditions before using rock wool board.
Preparation before construction:
1. Before construction, the special construction scheme for energy conservation and insulation of the project shall be prepared according to the requirements of the design, this specification and relevant technical standards, and the construction personnel shall be provided with technical disclosure and professional technical training.
2. The construction of rock wool board external insulation system used in energy-saving and insulation projects shall be carried out in accordance with the reviewed and qualified construction drawing design documents and the approved special construction scheme for energy-saving and insulation for engineering projects.
3. The production enterprise of rock wool board external insulation system should have professionals to provide on-site guidance during the construction process, and cooperate with the construction unit and on-site supervisor to do a good job of construction quality control.
4. Materials entering the site must pass the acceptance according to the specification, quantity and quality requirements before entering the warehouse, and should be kept by a specially assigned person. It is strictly prohibited to stack in the open air. The rock wool board of curtain wall shall be stacked overhead against moisture.
Jinan rock wool board construction should meet the following conditions:
1. The treatment of base wall and its cement mortar leveling layer and the installation of embedded parts are completed.
2. Necessary construction machines and tools and labor protection supplies should be prepared.
3. Special scaffolds for construction shall be erected firmly and pass the safety inspection. The spacing between the upright and horizontal poles of the scaffold and the wall and the corner of the wall shall meet the construction requirements.
4. The base wall shall be solid and flat, and the surface shall be dry, without cracking, hollowing, loosening or alkali flashing. The bonding strength, flatness and perpendicularity of the cement mortar leveling layer shall meet the requirements for the quality of ordinary plastering engineering in gb50210 (code for quality acceptance of Building Decoration Engineering).
What are the preparation and conditions for rock wool board before use? The above is the answer for you. If you need to buy or customize, please come to our website Consult.