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Color steel tile products are composed of two-layer formed metal panels (or other material panels) and polymer insulation cores directly foamed and matured in the middle of the panels. The following manufacturers describe the installation precautions of color steel tiles:
1. The color steel tile has light weight and ingenious structural design, so the installation procedure of color steel tile is relatively simple. However, during installation, pay attention not to walk on the tiles as much as possible. If you need to move on the tile, take protective measures first, and be sure to step on the middle part when walking. This position has good bearing capacity and can bear the weight of human body. Do not step on the edge of the colored steel tile. Firstly, the load is not enough, and secondly, it is easy to slip, which may cause dangerous consequences.
2. Pay attention to the weather conditions when installing the colored steel tiles in Jinan. Do not install them in bad weather. If the wind and heavy rain are heavy, it will cause great inconvenience and accidents may occur. The construction staff must be specialized personnel with technical qualification certificates. This is not only for the quality of the project, but also for the personal responsibility of the staff.
3. The skeleton structure used must be firmly built, and protection and warning must be done below to avoid accidental falling of objects that cause harm to pedestrians. If there is a large flow of people near the construction site, it is necessary to arrange a person on the ground to guide and remind passers-by.
Attention of construction personnel:
1. Wear necessary safety facilities (such as gloves, helmets, safety belts and other tools).
2. Installation workers need professional personnel with certificates.
3. The framework must be firmly installed.
4. When walking on the tile during installation, try to step on the middle of the tile to avoid stepping on the edge of the tile.
5. Install carefully in bad weather.
The appearance of colored steel tiles is widely used, which makes our architectural appearance more colorful, beautiful and tidy. During installation, metal chips will be left on the roof or adjacent areas by self tapping screw drilling, manual cutting, electric saw cutting or other operations. These things must be removed from the roof, flashing board, gutter, etc. in time, so that the oxidized surface of free debris will cause stains on the surface of color plate and cause corrosion of steel plate. Come to our website for more information OK.