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Jinan section steel processing flow
Unwinding ① - leveling ② - forming ③ - forming ④ - straightening ⑤ - length measurement ⑥ - punching rib hole ⑦ - punching elliptical connecting hole ⑧ - forming cutting ⑨
Jinan section steel is formed by hot coil and cold bending, with thin wall, light weight, excellent section performance and high strength. Compared with traditional channel steel, the same strength can save 30% of materials. Through the above introduction, galvanized section steel has the advantages of adjustable size and high compressive strength. Although the section size of cold-formed steel is relatively light, it is very consistent with the stress characteristics of roof purlins and makes full use of the mechanical efficiency of steel.
Various accessories can also be connected into different combinations, with beautiful appearance. The use of profiled steel purlin can reduce the dead weight of the building roof and reduce the amount of steel used in the project, so it is also called economical purlin. It is a new building material to replace traditional steel purlins such as channel steel, angle steel and angle steel. Steel pipe.
Galvanized section steel has smooth surface, uniform zinc layer, strong adhesion and high dimensional accuracy. All surfaces are galvanized and the surface zinc content is usually 120-275g/. Long service life, corrosion resistance, durability, is a kind of high protective galvanized steel.
Solutions to three common problems in machining
1. Small lateral running angle deviation of profile steel: adjust by adjusting the pinch wheel at the feeding end. If the smaller side on the left is larger, loosen the pressure roller on the left end and tighten the pressure roller on the right end.
2. Transverse bending of section steel: when the section steel is bent to the left, loosen the second row of left press roll at the discharge end and tighten the right press roll.
3. Longitudinal bending of Jinan section steel: when the section steel is bent upward, press down a row of straightening shafts, and when it is bent downward, push up the second row of straightening shafts.
We have learned that the whole process of profile steel processing is relatively complete, and there are corresponding solutions to the problems encountered in the processing process, so we don't have to worry about the quality of plates. For more information about this plate, please visit our website www.jnhxtcg Com!