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1. Fireproof grade an is a flame retardant material without ignition point and thermal insulation effect. At present, it mainly involves glass beads, closed hole expanded perlite, rock wool, mineral wool, glass wool, phenolic board, cement-based or gypsum based inorganic thermal insulation mortar and light self thermal insulation system.
2. Fire resistance grade B1 is a fire-resistant and thermal insulation material determined according to the fire resistance rating limit of the material. In addition, the material division of different parts is also different! Combustion performance: refers to all physical and / or chemical changes of materials and / or products during combustion, i.e. reaction characteristics to fire.
3. Class B2 is a combustible thermal insulation material, also known as flame retardant material. It is mainly thermal insulation material, and an appropriate amount of flame retardant is added. Most of them are EPS expanded polystyrene board and XPS extruded polystyrene board, which we usually call general board. This material has a low ignition point and releases a large amount of harmful gases during combustion.
4. fire grade B3 Wuhan foam board is a kind of flammable and thermal insulation material. It is commonly used as the main material of styrofoam, because it is easy to burn, it has been eliminated from external wall insulation materials.